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Adapted and performed by Shelley Mitchell

Based on the Hungarian document

transcribed by Gitta Mallasz

​"We had the feeling that we were living on the edge of a cliff.  Collective blindness was on the rise, along with a flood of organized political lies.  If something were promised by the Nazis, for instance, one could be sure that just the opposite would occur. A strong desire was welling in us to find the truth-- our truth-- beneath so much deception."   -Gitta Mallasz

TALKING WITH ANGELS: Budapest, 1943 is a one act play that weaves science, religion, art and consciousness into a cohesive whole.  It is based on the true story of four close-knit friends and their encounter with the miraculous.  ​

Over a period of 17 months, despite the chaos in Nazi-occupied Hungary, Gitta Mallasz, Lili Strauss, Joseph Kreutzer and Hanna Dallos held weekly meetings every Friday afternoon. During these meetings, Hanna received channeled messages from four entities --four distinctly different personalities-- who spoke through her and gave counsel and comfort to the quartet.  In 1976, Gitta Mallasz, the only survivor of the group,  turned the transcripts from these meetings into the book  TALKING WITH ANGELS, which Shelley Mitchell then adapted into this critically acclaimed solo performance.

This interfaith story is about the power of a few people and their tremendous spiritual vigor.  TALKING WITH ANGELS is not simply a vehicle for entertainment nor is it solely a meditative text meant for solitary study; this performance is a co-creation where audience meets actor for a spiritual infusion.