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Based on the Hungarian Document transcribed by Gitta Mallasz


TALKING WITH ANGELS is the true story of four close knit Hungarian artists, their search for meaning and their encounter with transcendent forces.  Over a period of 17 months, despite the chaos in Nazi-occupied Hungary, the artists Gitta Mallasz, Lili Strauss, Joseph Kreutzer and Hanna Dallos held weekly meetings every Friday afternoon. During these meetings, Hanna received messages from four entities --four distinctly different personalities-- who gave counsel and comfort to the quartet.  In 1976, Gitta Mallasz turned the transcripts from these meetings into the book  TALKING WITH ANGELS which Shelley Mitchell then adapted into her critically acclaimed solo performance.

TALKING WITH ANGELS is first and foremost an inspirational message for those who have questioned mainstream religion, yet remain deeply spiritual in their own way. The story takes us on a spiritual journey and shows us that our individuality is the gateway to our humanity.

The play is about the power of a few people and their tremendous spiritual power as individuals.  TALKING WITH ANGELS is not simply vehicle for entertainment nor solely a spiritual text meant for solitary study; this performance is a co-creation where audience meets actor for a spiritual infusion.

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Introduction and First Dialogue
A complete recording of the 473 page book TALKING WITH ANGELS  is available as a 10 CD Set or download from

Adapted and Performed by Shelley Mitchell