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Emma Coats created a fantastic slide show to help the audience grasp the timeline and essence of the message in Talking with Angels.  She based her design on the original Hungarian notebooks.

Emma was a storyboard artist at Pixar and is best known for her work on “Brave”.  For the past couple of years, in addition to writing and directing, she's been touring the world giving talks on the  22 “STORYBASIC” RULES  that she learned from working with such Pixar masterminds as Pete Docter and Lee Unkrich and “Brave” directors Brenda Chapman and Mark Andrews .

You can become one of Emma's 14K followers @lawnrocket and learn lots more about her here.

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Robin Fontaine directed the original production of  Talking with Angels in 2001 and has generously given her support to the  over 300 performances of it ever since.  She is a graduate of Fordham University's theater department and was highly influenced by Anne Bogart, who was one of her teachers there.

Robin has had her own film production company, TinBox2, and worked for over 10 years at Reardon Studio. She was in charge of the Oscar winning team  that did the motion capture of Brad Pitt for The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Robin also supervised the motion capture on for four Harry Potter films.  She is currently nominated as best director for the 2015 Theater Bay Area awards for her direction of Sam Shepard's True West.

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Scott Thiessen

Tomomi Itakura has designed stage scenery for theater companies such as Berkeley Opera (Berkeley, CA), Word for Word Performing Arts (San Francisco, CA), and Talking with Angels Productions (San Francisco, CA). She was a stagehand for productions at the Berkeley Repertory Theatre (Berkeley, CA), worked in wardrobe for productions at San Francisco and California Shakespeare companies, and worked for two seasons as Stage Supervisor at the San Jose Repertory Theatre (San Jose, CA). Tomomi has B.A.s in Theatre Arts and Architecture from UC Berkeley and a Masters in Architecture from Harvard GSD.  More about Tomomi here.

Michi Wiancko's variations on "La Follia" for String Orchestra performed by The East Coast Chamber Orchestra are featured in Shelley Mitchell's stage production of Talking with Angels. 

A native of Southern California, Michi  holds degrees from the Cleveland Institute of Music  and from The Juilliard School, where she was a student of Robert Mann. Ms. Wiancko's debut solo CD, Platinum Spirals, features works by Ravel, Beethoven, Kreisler, Debussy, Prokofiev and Joan Tower. More about Michi here.

ECCO is a self-conducted chamber orchestra that was founded in 2001. More about this amazing, independent group of like-minded and highly accomplished players can be found on their website here.