"Mitchell’s performance is superb. She switches between Mallasz and her heavenly tutors with effortless physical ease. A slight change in posture and a subtle vocal transformation is all she needs to make the changes utterly believable. She makes it look easy but her technique is honed with pinpoint precision. She is an enigmatic presence and her characters crackle with spiritual life."                                                                            BROADWAY BABY


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Review  of TWA from the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival

TALKING WITH ANGELS is first and foremost an inspirational message for those who have questioned mainstream religion yet remain deeply spiritual in their own  independent way. Self-awareness, mindfulness and authenticity are at the center of many conversations these days, and these subjects are at the center of Talking with Angels. 

This play is about the power of a few people and their tremendous spiritual power as individuals.  Talking with Angels is not simply vehicle for entertainment and not solely a spiritual text meant for solitary study; this performance is a co-creation where audience meets actor for a spiritual infusion.

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