"Shelley is amazing! She is a miracle-maker! I signed up for her class despite having no theatrical background (I work in technology and science) more out of personal curiosity than anything else. It wasn’t easy, but after two years I came out of her class as a completely transformed individual. Never before have been so aware of myself, and the people around me, and the glorious nature of art! I’ve integrated lessons Shelley taught me into both my personal and professional life. I realized that I have deep rooted need to share myself with other people on a
stage, or before a camera. I’ve pursued that need using my new found sense of self-awareness, and have begun to encounter success in the show-business industry. Though I’m still a technology professional, I am also currently a co-host for a show to be aired on the History Channel. In short, Shelley’s classes work! Take a risk and sign up for her class."  -Leonard Apelsin, Ph. D.

"My sessions with you in January/February lead to a huge breakthrough in my personal life and so many positive changes followed…I developed a new level of confidence and self acceptance, my work relationships dramatically improved, my friendships improved, I traveled, explored new hobbies, met my current boyfriend, and finally made the decision move to Colorado to start my own business! 2014 has been an amazing year for me and I'm so grateful for the tools you gave me to make it great. Thank you Shelley :)"  -Ariana R., colorist and designer, The North Face

"Dear Shelley, Let's find a way to freeze-dry the applied kinesiology and sell it on the Internet ...
I kept the relaxed balanced state with voice half octave lower for about three hours after our appointment. Don't know how it works, don't care. I look forward to doing the same in December.

If it's possible to stay that way, I'm all for learning how. Great to see you!  All the best,"  -Tom Cokenias

Skype Sessions

Become a Transformer!

With TWA as your anchor, you can find new meaning and understanding in your life story, as well as deepen your comprehension of the spiritual message in Talking with Angels.  

In these private sessions, we will co-create and focus on issues that stop you from expressing your emotions fully or communicating from your essence. Talking with Angels is resonant with the Law of Attraction teachings of Esther Hicks (Abraham).  Learn how thisinspirational true story that can help you bring balance and meaning into your daily life.

If you are interested in booking a session, please fill out the form below or telephone 

+1 (424) 209-0922

Shelley Mitchell has been coaching performers and business professionals for over 20 years.  Talking with Angels is the background music for all of her work but rarely, apart from her performances of TWA, does she use it directly with her clients.  

Now, after seeing such positive and life-changing results, Shelley has developed an approach with TWA at its center for anyone interested in self-actualization and hungry to find greater meaning in life.

You'll start your session by reading aloud from TWA and the transformational journey spirals out from there!

Shelley will help you bring your authentic self to the fore.

In addition to deepening your understanding of TWA, you'll learn how to take advantage of all the art and culture at our fingertips in our super connected world.  Shelley will help you find archetypes and cathartic stories in films, plays and books that might relate to your life experience and give you tools to move forward along your path.

Skype Life Coaching sessions  (60 t0 90 minutes)

$150      - single session

$650     - 5 sessions

$1,100  - 10 sessions

Cultivating Wholeness within Ourselves

Self-Actualization through Talking with Angels